Pregnant Blake Lively and Husband Ryan Reynolds Win The Best Looking Couple Award

Positively Glowing There are many, many good looking people in Hollywood so naturally there are many good looking couples in Hollywood: There’s Ashton and Mila  The beer swiggin’, hotdog eatin’ just-like-us-if-us-were-rediculously-attractive couple. . George and Amal The most likely to offer intellectually stimulating conversation and witty banter couple. . John and… Read More

Basic vs Hipster

by Lucy Korn A close read of a Buzzfeed quiz According to Buzzfeed’s ‘Are You More Hipster Or More Basic’ Quiz  I am apparently ‘More Basic.’ This thoroughly offended me, mostly because the picture accompanying the result was of Jennifer Anniston (gah) but also because I feel describing someone as… Read More